Spreading positivity wherever I go

Often, I see people wearing shirts with positive and motivating sayings on them like “Today is the best day ever”. What bugs me about it though is that in many cases they are not acting like it. You see someone wearing a shirt with the words “Dream big” on them, but in actual life they are the one friend of yours who dreams the smallest. Or it has the word “smile” on it and they are just making a face like the world is ending.

I always thought that you are supposed to choose your shirts intentionally and see them as reminders of who you want to be. They should remind you of the attitude and energy you want to bring to the world. By you wearing them there is also the chance of you inspiring other people to be more positive.

As one of my biggest intentions in life is to spread positivity wherever I go, I created my own shirts. I chose two of my favourite ones and wrote some really fancy and inspirational sayings on them. The white textile acrylic paint makes a really good contrast against the dark colours of the shirts.

I love to wear them, especially when I am not in my best mood because they remind me of who my highest self is and I start being more like it deliberately. They remind me of my uniqueness and to show my light in all its brightness to the world and let it shine freely. By wearing them I bring good vibes into my day. 

They have the sayings “Let your light shine” and “Make an impact” on them and the pictures were taken by Carola Berger.