Plastic-free challenge

Being conscious about how much waste we produce and the amount of plastic we use has become very popular recently.  While some people tend to see it as a trend which stays for a season like in  fashion, others aim at decreasing their impact they make on the environment by slightly shifting their lifestyle.

WHY go plastic free?

By reducing the amount of plastic, we are able to make a positive impact on the environment. This is because both the production of plastic as well as its disposal have adverse effects, especially since a significant amount of it finds its ways into our oceans or doesn’t get disposed of properly.

Through plastic getting broken down into micro plastic and marine animals swallowing it, it gets into our food and body systems. Researchers have also found chemicals leaching out of the plastic which we absorb with our skin, breath in or consume in our diet. [1]

By being more intentional about the amount of plastic we have in our lives, we reduce our waste as well. This way we might cut some costs and we don’t have to empty our rubbish bins as often  anymore.

WHAT does going plastic free mean?

Living plastic free can be taken to different levels. Mainly you can decide between not having plastic in your life at all and only cutting out single use plastic. I for myself have decided to start by reducing the amount of single use plastic I have in my life with a few exceptions which I will discuss in a different essay.

A few weeks ago, two of my closest friends started to become passionate about making a positive impact and are now deliberate with their shopping as well as what products they use in general. I have to admit when I first heard about living plastic free, I wasn’t too excited, because I thought it meant a lot of sacrifice and I didn’t know how it would fit my lifestyle.

By talking to my friends and researching about the matter at hand I found out about the profound impact plastic has and that it doesn’t take much to reduce the quantity of single use plastic we accumulate in our lives. Yes, it may not be easy but there are a few simple steps we can take. We may have to go out of our way to change existing routines, but as any habit it is possible to modify them as they best suit us.

Over the last months my friends and I have tried to find substitutes for the things made from plastic and slowly started to declutter the items we already had.

In my next essays you can read about the different types of packaging, the impact of plastic, about shops which sell plastic free products and what alternatives there are for the goods we use in our daily lives.

In addition to these essays there will be a plastic free challenge in the WhatsApp group of The Shining Self. In October my friends and I will take on the challenge to live plastic free for a month (with a few exceptions) and I would be happy for you to tag along and follow us on our journey. You certainly don’t have to go all the way if you don’t feel confident about it, my intention is to inspire you. If you only manage to substitute a single product it will already have a positive impact on the environment. I will keep you updated on my lifestyle as well as my struggles with going plastic free. The WhatsApp group is in German. If you speak German and would love to be part of it feel free to send me an email with your phone number and I will certainly add you.

I am really looking forward to finally being able to share this all with you! Thank you for being here.