The benefits of owning less

This is a blog post about my introduction to minimalism and why I live a more minimal life since then. For me it benefits many different areas of my life, like my social and emotional life as well.
I guess the first thing which you learn when you get to know me, is that I absolutely love Australia. It seems so pure with its beautiful culture and nature. In Down Under you can find any landscape formation from glaciers to rainforests and to the desert and its flora and fauna often makes you imagine that when it was created the universe spilled a bucket filled with all the colours of the spectrum over it. The birds, we only know as pets in Austria, fly there in freedom. This place seems to me like magic. Early on in my childhood due to my love to this country I made the decision to move to the Southern hemisphere one day.
Unfortunately, the thought of, how am I supposed to move all my stuff and belongings down there, came up to my mind, because since I live in Austria, Australia isn’t quite around the corner.
Through a friend I got introduced to the concept of minimalism.

What is minimalism?

 It is all about living a meaningful life through owning less. By that I don’t mean that you have to throw everything out and sleep on a gymnastic mat, since you decided to get rid of your bed as well.
Through getting rid of all the things you actually might realise that it frees up a lot of extra space. For me, my main intention to live more minimal was, that I wanted to be able to move to different places, like I mentioned Australia, more freely. I didn’t want my things to tie me down to one specific location.

What are the benefits?

When I drew my focus away from compulsive consumption, I was soon able to focus more on the things which matter most to me, like being creative, my health, my relationships and my personal growth.
My current home is not very big, so for me when there was less chunk laying around, my focus and productivity improved. I don’t need much time to clean up, either.
As well as that I realised, what was truly important to me in life. Since I want to live a
meaningful and intentional life, I don’t want to live an average life. I want
to be able to give something back to the community and work in direct contact
with other people. My goal is to live a life which fires me up and to be
excited about going to work.
I also don’t see any sense of having five cookbooks in my cupboard, even though I
never use them. Only because I don’t see much value in them, doesn’t mean that
anyone else will. So why not give them to someone who actually enjoys them?

What did I do?

I grew up in a family who loves collecting things. Which isn’t bad or so, it is just something which definitely complicated my journey to living a more minimal life. When I first got in touch with minimalism I went through my room and thought, “well what haven’t I used in the last months and am I going to use it in the next month?”
With many things like notepads or some shirts I was sure, that I would not use them any
time soon. But why didn’t I try to find them a new home then?
“I will keep it just in case I might need it one day.”
To be totally honest, I probably thought this sentence about every third item. To
overcome it, I like to put the things which I might get rid of, in a box and
see, if I miss them over the course of a few months. If I do, I take them out
of my little box immediately. If I don´t, I donate them, sell them or give them
to friends.
In the past I sometimes had phases in which I wanted to get rid of everything. Like, when
friends came over and I used ask them if they wanted to have everything, I
could see laying around close to me. I am glad this is over though, because
sometimes I found myself offering things to people which I actually still used!
Another habit of mine is, to make the books I don’t read anymore to travelling books. In case
you don’t know, those are books which the reader after reading them, hands on to
another person. That way you don´t have loads of books in your bookshelf and
the books always get read. So, a total win win situation!
As you can see, I am really passionate about this topic and I would probably be able to
write a lot more, but too keep the message of this post short and simple, I
will save the next pages for another day.
I truly hope that you found some value in that blog post. If you did, I would be really
happy, if you could write a comment. Feel free to send me an Email as well.
In case you want to start your journey as a minimalist right now, I have an idea for you.
Walk around your home and look at your things, is there anything you don´t
really need anymore? Define the possessions which are actually valuable to you.
No, minimalism is not about only owning the things which truly have a purpose in your life and which add value.

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