Little notes

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a video from Brendon Burchard about “happiness”. In it he says that happy people ask themselves one question every single day. 

“What can I be excited about today?”

To be honest at the beginning it wasn’t easy to find an answer to that question, but then I started to schedule things which give me joy into my calendar. For example 4-5 pm painting.

What can you be excited about today? What small task could you plan into your day which gives you energy?

When times are tough it is easy to lose sight of all the good things happening in the world. During the last weeks of my internship a few difficult situations with uni as well as in my private life occurred. Back then my strategy to not fall into a hole of negativity was to list as many positive things as my boyfriend and I could think of.

Since corona continues to influence our lives I want to challenge you to do this exercise with me today. How many positive things can you come up with?

I will go first:

  •  I have people who support me
  • I have many exciting new ideas for The Shining Self
  • I printed two of my paintings on postcards
  • I am in a great relationship – my cooking skills are improving
  • Foggy autumn weather
  • Our uni has tranisitioned to distance learning really well
  • All my orchids are about to bloom again

Minimalism isn’t about a certain number of items you are supposed to own, it is about living a deliberate life filled with the things which are meaningful to you. It can be applied to every area of your life, e.g. relationships, values, finances and health.

Ask yourself if the things, you fill these areas with, truely add value to your life.

As october fades away it is getting colder in Austria and it isn’t hard to tell, winter is coming soon.Every now and then some warmer days still loom around. On these days I can leave my winter clothes at home. Nevertheless it is already colder than a month ago, the sun sets earlier and the trees shed their colourful leaves. For me every season is unique and I am already looking forward to the colder months. To me they mean having cosy hot tea, to snuggle up in a comfy blanket and to spend more time at home.What makes this season spacial to you?

Everytime you find something where it doesn’t belong ask yourself where its home is and place it there immediatiely.

By giving every item a home your house won’t get messy as easy as before. 


You don’t have to stress yourself about your pace, as long as you don’t stop and move in the right direction you will get there.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” Wayne Dyer

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I harvested the last red currants, so his grandma could make jam out of it. After a little while it looked like there were none left from a standing point of view, but as we got down we discovered dozens more. We had only changed our focus, but we found a completely new world ahead of us. Is there an area in your life, where you could redirect your focus a little?

A few years ago I got introduced to minimalism. At the time I didn’t want to be tied down to one place by all my possessions, but by finding out more about minimalism I learned that it is not just about getting rid of all my things, it is rather about only having items which add value to my life. 

Through minimalism I have less stuff laying around, which increases my mental space, my sense of control and decreases my stress level. By drawing my focus away from compulsive consumption, I have been able to focus more on the things mattering the most to me like creating, health, relationships and personal growth.

Minimalism is a really great tool for me to create a meaningful life since I only fill my life with things giving some meaning to me and cut out all the clutter.

Who actually defined sunny as good and rainy as bad weather? Isn’t both just weather, why do we instantly have to categorize it as good or bad?

I can’t explain why but I love the sky. I get easily excited by all its beautiful colors and clouds. During the last couple of months I was really grateful for any type of weather, wether sunny, cloudy or stormy. It gives us an opportunity to appreciate all the natural beauty our planet has to offer.

Just recently I developed a new way to face thunderstorms. If I am not ready to deal with them just yet, I turn my back on them and don’t let them cloud my day. It is the same in life, you decide which side you face. But keep in mind to not procrastinate problems and difficult tasks for too long. Ignoring thunder clouds as well as your problems does not make them go away. At some time you just have to deal with them.

Imagine your life being an empty canvas. With which colouurs would you paint on it? You can decide who or what enters your life. Sometimes the universe seems to throw people and experiences at us without asking, but nevertheless you can decide what/ who stays and what/ who you kick out. Be the creator of your own life.
-What do you want your life to look like? 
-What do you want more of in your life  and of what less?
-Are you living your life intentionally?
-Are you truely living YOUR life or someone elses? 


Maybe you saw my post on the “Next 90 days challenge”  from Rachel Hollis. The topic of the second lesson was JOY and she taught a really cool, valuable exercise called A JOY LIST. I was so amazed, I decided I will share it with you all.

Do you actually know what makes you feel alive and what you enjoy?
When was the last time you made a list with all the things which give you joy?

We hardly ever take time to think of all the simple things that give us contentment and peace.

A joy list is a go to list for all the things which light your heart on fire and make you feel alive. You have never done it before? That’s your chance, try to write down at least 15 easy to reach items which bring you instant joy. One could be sipping a slow cup of hot chocolate. They don’t have to make sense to other people it is YOUR JOY LIST!

Make joy a priority in your life and fight for it in tough times. It is so deeply important and helps to recharge your energy. Schedule it in your calendar! When are you going to cook your favourite meal or go out with with friends? Protect those hours as if they were sacred.

Twice a year we have a huge design market very close to my home. Weeks before it is on, I get so excited about it and ask all my friends if they would like to go. However, like with other things I would not mind going alone either because I love it so much.

Each time this market is on I am so excited to get out of bed in the morning. In November not even the cloudy winter sky or the thought of an exam on the next day could hinder me from feeling excitement rushing through my veins like one big firework in my belly all day long. It didn´t even matter to me which companies would be at the market or if my friends loved it as much as I did, nothing could stop me from grinning.

The next day I thought, why should days on which we feel fired up from our toes to the tip of our nose only happen twice a year? What if I found other things I can fill my life with which give me the same amazing feeling of a thousand fireworks exploding in my belly?

So, this is what I did:

I took a pen and a paper and wrote down everything I could think of, which gives me nearly the same experience as the market does. What is a list without an inspiring title? Nothing. I chose the title “Fireworks” because it sounds fancy and feels not just like any silly list with a thousand items on it which I have to do. As unbelievable as it might be this was the easy step. After having written them down I am still trying to find ways how to implement them into my life. My intention is to find one method and see how it goes and even if it doesn´t work, it will lead me into a new direction. 

If you want to read more about check out this blog post.

Do you take full responsibility for your own life or do you walk someone else’s path?  Do you chase after your dreams or do you just follow the crowed like a tiny fish? The problem with relying on others too much is that you don’t live your own life. If you always follow others you won’t get to where you want to be. No one else has the same vision you have for your life.

Maybe your friends encourage you on the way, but still you make the decisions and put in the hours to reach your goal.

Often, I see people wearing shirts with positive and motivating sayings like “Today is the best day ever”, but then they make a face like the world is about to end.

I always thought you are supposed to choose your shirts intentionally. To see them as reminders of who you are or want to be. Shirts do not only have the power to make people laugh, but also the chance to inspire or educate others.
Spread more positivity in the world and allow yourself to dream big again.

Let your light shine!
Make an impact!

I recently heard an interesting idea about goals and accountability during an university online voice call. Simply tell a friend about your goals and ask them to send you a postcard as a reminder three months later.
I think it is a great way to:

1) remind yourself of your goal and the direction you were heading.
2) keep yourself accountable.
3) analyse how far you have already come.

If you love this idea as much as I do, I challenge you to try it yourself. I am looking forward to read your thoughts on this idea in the comments below.

“No matter how small you start, start something that matters.”- Brendon Burchard

Don’t wait until you feel brave enough or completely ready to begin. Everything you need in order to start is already inside yourself. So let go of the excuses holding you back and do one small task everyday that brings you closer towards your goal.

Your happiness is your responsibility. 

It is not the responsibility of your partner, friends, family or government. If you really want to do something, go somewhere or to buy something, then do it. What is holding you back! Sure other people can make you happy too, but it is not their responsibility! If you are unhappy, go change something!

You don’t have to turn the world upside down in the next 24 hours just do one small thing you have always wanted to do.  Like baking a cake, without having friends over, just because you would love to do it.

Time flies and there is always another birthday of a loved one coming up, yet there never seems to be enough time to think of a reasonable present. Should you simply buy the person some chocolate? No, evaporates too quickly! Buy a cute cup? No, too impersonal!

Have you ever been in a similar situation? I think I have the perfect solution for this devastating problem. Bananas are perfect to take with you as a snack on the road, why not write uplifting notes with a permanent marker or a different pen onto the peel. This idea also works to show someone a little appreciation throughout the year.

Here are some examples:

  • I love you!
  • Good morning!
  • Have a great day!
  • Spread positivity!
  • You are great!

If You Always Do What You’ve Always Done, You’ll Always Get What You’ve Always Got.” ~ Henry Ford

A bit over a month ago I attended the Powerdays of Jürgen Höller at the Olympia Hall in Munich. This was the largest conference for personal development I have ever visited. Besides that, it was my first trip I fully planned by myself. 

I was able to learn so much about myself and traveling. Some of my adventures were sharing a hostel room with 5 total strangers, attending a Christian mess held in a foreign language, wandering through Munich on a public holiday and trying to figure out the public transport system.

A few days before my trip I read somewhere online: “How could you go out of your comfort zone this week?” Holy moly, I certainly did! It definitely wasn´t easy for me and who knows if I would have actually done it, if I had not already had the ticket for the event. I am really happy I went on this trip and was able to grow so much through this experience.

What could you do, that doesn´t come naturally to you this week?

I bet you all know the classic song LOVE IS IN THE AIR by John Paul Young. I always thought the song was about two people loving each other, but if we were to reconsider it, maybe it means something completely different.

What if it meant, that love was actually in the air? 
Wait what? This would mean, that we are always surrounded by love. It never really goes away. Not even in those moments, when we feel unloved and alone.


So, next time you feel a lack of love, take a very deep breath and just breath it all in. Feel the love going from your lungs, into your veins into your whole body.

In case you ever feel insecure or unloved, always remember: -You are loved more than you know!  

  • You have people who support you and believe in you! 
  • You are beautiful!
  • Your worth is indescribably high independent of your accomplishments!
  • Everything you are seeking is already inside you! 
  • You will figure out everything when the time is right!

Be yourself and bring your light to the world, because if you do, the right opportunities and people will find their way to you.

Do you know that feeling, when you go through your day, but at some point you just feel tired and lack energy?

The great thing is we don’t have energy, we can generate it. When I realise that I start to feel exhausted, I sit down, take a few deep breaths and imagine myself being in a calm place, the sun shining on my body. I visualize how my battery is charging up and after a few moments I can feel the energy bursting through my body.
This technique has already saved so many of my days.

Do something good for yourself from time to time!!! You can’t always:

  • Reach out to everyone
  • Be productive
  • Be there for others

Every now and then you need to be there for yourself as well. Practise self care! For everyone of us selfcare looks a little different, for some it may be to enjoy a cup of tea in the quiet or to just go for a walk on your own.

At some points in our lives we may feel a little lost, this might be after a really stressful time just ended, you have focused on others too much, if you are just going through a hard time or you changed. 

You may realise that the things you used to enjoy, you don’t really enjoy anymore.


About four years ago I started to paint with acrylics, so before that time I only used normal pencils. The picture you can see on the left of this post is one of my better ones, but when I started, I sucked at it. 


When you want to try something new it is crucial to be patient with yourself. When you were little and just learned to walk or ride a bike, you did’t stop only because you fell. No, you got up and tried it again. So, when you are not sure what you enjoy in life right now, go out there and try out different things.

Often in life it is really nice at the time to follow the people around you, whether they are your friends or significant other. It is easy to just let them decide where to go on holidays, to follow them on their career path or to let them decide how to fill your day, just to not have to take responsibility for your own life. It is easy to be like a fish and swim with the people who you feel close too.

At some point in your life though you will realise that it is on YOU to decide what kind of life you want to live and what you want to accomplish, because by following others you live someone else’s life and won’t get to where you want to be.


Believe me, this huge amount of freedom and responsibility is frightening as hell, but it is also great to have. With that knowledge you are able to find your own path and be your true self. Please don’t get me wrong, it is okay to comprimise with others and to be connected, but don’t wait on others to make important decisions for you. Only you know, what is right for you. Yep, maybe you don’t right now, but you will find it out with time.

Bad communication can be one of the biggest obstacles in a relationship. Whether we are talking about intimate relationships or any other type, good communication is crucial. I have to be honest though, I was really good at taking things someone said to me much too personal. So for example, when a person didn’t text back for a longer periode of time, I thought I did something wrong. Fortunately, today I know how to handle it much better. I still have flaws when it comes to communicating with someone from time to time, but who doesnt, right?

Life isn’t only about the big things in life, it is also about finding value in the little things. Make life meaningful! Take a moment to look around, isn’t your life and especially our world so beautiful?

The goal of the economy is to make more sales and in oder to do that they use marketing to tell us about all the thing we are supposed to need, but do we actually NEED them? Does this clothing item give us any more value than the probably hundred we already own? See, a few years back there still was one fashion trend for winter and one for summer, but sow it seems that it changes every month. So here is a little challenge for you:

When you get tempted by marketing to by something, think again…do you actually need it?

The human brain tends to focus on negative experiences much longer than on positive ones. I love to just listen to what topics people talk about with others at social gatherings. Sadly I realised that people talk about their struggles much more than positive experiences. 

Yes, it is normal to discuss frustrations with our friends, but once we start to bring up a negative topic, many tend to follow. When I realize that my friends, who I haven’t seen in agens are talking about all those negative problems of their lives, I ask one of them: 

  • Hey, what great thing did you recently experience?
  • Who/ what  made your  day?
  • What are you really grateful for?

By asking one of those questions I try to change the energy level to a more positive one. Maybe this technique works for you too.

Often I don’t realise how much small daily actions are taking away my energy.

Little by little …At some point I feel tired and have no energy or grit for a longer periode of time. The worst thing of those times is that i have no motivation to do anything. Suddenly my goals seem without any sense of reaching.

I always want to reach out to everyone without keeping a healthy energy balance. When those times come I try to talk to the people in my life who give me energy and cancel all unimportant things from my to-do list for the day to have time to paint or simply have ME-time. With this post I want to remind you to look out for yourself, your energy balance and to do things you love. Even if the week is stressful, because how are you supposed to manage your life if you don’t have any energy?

I think the best thing to bring to a party are good vibes and joy. Of course you can bring flowers or presents, but wouldn’t it count much more if you could ensure that everyone has a good time? You can also go a little further and set a trigger for yourself. Everytime when you walk into a room you think about what vibes you want to bring in the room.