What we can learn from people who don’t have anything!

Hello and good day!

I hope you are good. Today I want to share a really great movie with you all. It is called “A street cat named Bob”.

A friend of mine gave it to me a couple of years ago, but I have to be honest, since I don’t watch many DVDs these days, it took me a while until I finally came around to it.

About the movie

The movie is about a young drug addict who lives on the streets of London. Without any
money or shelter he tries to stay alive. He is aiming to make money through
playing his guitar at Convent Garden and never loses his faith that some day
his life will get better.

After another relapse, the lady of the program who helps him to get clean listens to him play. She believes that he can make it if he doesn’t live on the street anymore and so she makes a lot of effort to find him an emergency home. After a few nights in his new flat he hears strange noises in the kitchen. Carefully and armed with a shoe he wants to find the cause. Sitting on his kitchen floor is a ginger cat, eating his cornflakes. Although he doesn’t know it yet, this cat is about to turn his whole life upside down.

I found the movie a bit sad at first, because I don’t really know what it is like to be
living on the street. It shows the circumstances and the struggles of drug
addicts quite well. The story itself I found rather inspiring.  For example, It inspired me to play my guitar more often again because I want to be as good as him one day and to never lose faith. 

About all the other things this movie may inspire you to, you can read a
bit further down. In this blog entry, I will also tell you about specific
sequences in the film, so in case you would still like to watch it before being
spoiled, now would be a really great time to do that.

Love deeply!

I found it inspiring that when he found this injured cat, Bob, one day, he really wanted
to help him so, he asked around, if someone knows how. A neighbour of his,
Betty, told him to go to the charity vet she volunteers at and so he did.
Unfortunately, the antibiotics which Bob needed costed 22 pounds and so he had
to decide, if he would risk the wound of the cat getting infected or if he
would use his last food money to pay for the drugs.

Even though he can barely survive himself he tries everything to give the cat a good life.
He even played his guitar on the street once to be able to buy food, although he
could be arrested for busking at the time.

These moments really got me thinking, because I want to take care of the things I
love. Like when I travelled with my guitar back home from Australia to Austria,
I watched out for it as if it was a part of my body. Unfortunately, I can’t
have pets where I live, but I have quite a view plants, so I thought I could
take care of them as much as I would of an animal.

I also want to love the people around me more deeply and be more engaged with
them. So, I try to imagine my love as a bubble, and I am in its centre and then
I try to widen that bubble so that the people which are emotionally closest to
me also fit into my little bubble of love.

Be grateful for everything you have!

I found it so amazing how grateful he was, when he first moved into his new home and found out that he had hot water coming out of the tap or how happy he was for every bit
of food he could get. It didn´t have to be fancy or anything.

I often find it a bit annoying that we are so used to having everything and to being
able to buy everything that we don´t appreciate the things as much anymore.
Some people even tend to be picky when they have a really fancy meal on their

Maybe you were once in a really bad situation in life and when it finally got better
again, you were happy about every tree you saw. Everything which you took as
granted before was now a little miracle to you.

But what can you actually do to be more grateful for the things and beings in your life
Are you supposed to put yourself in a bad situation deliberately or give away
everything you have?

Well no, of course not. For starters it could help to brainstorm all the things which you
are grateful for or can be grateful for once a day. Really try to make it a
daily habit!

He had nothing!

Remember, he had nothing! He only had his guitar, a backpack and himself, but still he didn’t give up!  

Have Faith

He didn’t lose faith that things will get better and that he will figure it out.

That’s what I would like you to do as well!

I believe that everyone of us has a dream, a passion, or simply anything that they are fighting for or working towards. Try to have that same faith. You will make it!

Of course, you have to do something for it, but staying positive helps a lot as well.

Take baby steps towards your vision and one day you will get there. Be patient with

I really hope that you found some value in this blog entry. If you did, I would be really happy if you left a commen or write me an email. Thank you so much for visiting my page.


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