Klara Fuchs

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to meet Klara Fuchs at the launch event of her first book, titled “Powerful mind”. While talking to her she offered me the amazing opportunity to interview her.


Copyright Klara Fuchs

Klara is a successful 25-year-old Austrian-Swedish blogger, who writes about health and mental training. 2015 she decided to become self-employed. Her work includes holding seminars, her blog, a popular workshop called “Project-Me-Academy”, a podcast and in April 2019 she published her first book.
Her mission is to empower women to develop their personality, and to improve their self-love and self-confidence to be able to make their dreams come true.
Besides her work, she studies Sport Science at the university of Graz (Austria).

Verena:         Imagine all the content you ever released would be deleted due to a server problem. How would you describe yourself as a person in a few sentences, if no one knew what you created or stand for in life anymore?

Klara:             I am a kind person. I like almost everybody. Sometimes I am a little bit chaotic, but I am getting more organized now. I am very hardworking. I am always working on a project and I love it.
I love exercising and sometimes I am pretty hard on myself, because I want to get better.

Verena:         Imagine yourself at the end of your life. What would you want to have accomplished or what should have happened, for you to be content with yourself?

Klara:             I think I will be happy if I have lived the life I wanted to live. I want to be true to myself and do the things I really want to do. If I can look back and say I do not regret anything, and I have tried everything I wanted.

Verena:         What does your daily life as a self-employed entrepreneur look like?

Klara:             As a self-employed entrepreneur I do not have a regular work week. I work as much on sundays as on mondays. But I can take off any day during the week like a tuesday. Every day is different. I usually get up very early, because I can get a lot of work done in the morning, but I do not have any fixed hours when I work.  I sit in my office at home or go to my office in town.
I like to exercise once a day. I have meetings almost every day, either in Graz, Vienna or somewhere else. 
Sometimes I have photoshoots or podcast-interviews or I am making videos. Each day is different. 

Verena:         How do you balance work, leisure time and university?

Klara:             The balance between work time and free time is very difficult. I normally work too much. But I love my job and I do most of the things with pleasure.
Sometimes it gets a little too much with everything and then I try to take a couple of days off.

Verena:          What advantages and disadvantages does self-employment have for you?

Klara:             It is nice to be your own boss when you can decide what you want to do and what you don´t. It is also great to manage your own time. And it is very nice when the money comes in and you have enough to live. I am also very pleased when I see people liking what I do and buying my products. I also meet so many nice and interesting people.
It is not nice when you work hard and do not earn much money, or you don’t get credit for your work. Or you work too much and don’t have free time anymore. You must be aware of burnout. Handling finances and taxes is also very complicated. And all the papers, restrictions and rules from the government sometimes make me very tired.

Verena:         Thinking back to being 20 years old, what tips would you give the younger version of yourself today?

Klara:             I would tell everyone to try and be brave. You cannot do much wrong. You have to believe in yourself. When you are young you should try different things. And it is normal to make mistakes. Do not be afraid of making mistakes. Here is where you learn. You should follow your heart, but that is not enough. You also have to learn things. Have a good education, learn as much as possible!

Verena:         If you would have the opportunity to choose a new career path, would you choose the same one? If so, why?

Klara:             I would do the same thing again. I love the things I am doing and I love being self-employed. I also love working in the field of Personal Development.

Verena: What is YOUR purpose of life?

Klara:             I am here to develop myself and to see and explore things. My mission is to help other people to live a healthy lifestyle and reach a higher state of personal development.

Verena:         Is there anything at the end of this interview, which you would like to tell the world or the people on this planet?

Klara:             I would say everybody should live their lives as they want to, and not how other people tell them to. We should take care of ourselves, of other people and take care of the environment.
Everyone on this planet has a purpose. We should treat each other with respect and fairness.

Verena:          Thank you so much for the interview!