Plastic-free products

Today it is difficult to not have a single plastic product in your home. Sometimes you can even find the tiniest products wrapped in plastic. With a little effort though you can decide how much of this material you allow to be in your life. In this blog post you can read about some interesting substitudes for products we use in our daily lifes which are made out of plastic.

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made by Gerhard Waldschütz

Plastic-free challenge

In October 2019 I will take on the challenge to live plastic free for a month (with a few exceptions) and I would be happy for you to tag along and follow us on our journey. You can find a lot of additional information about the topic on my blog.



I have printed my own postcards with positive and motivational words on them to guide you and me in the right direction.

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Klara Fuchs

A few weeks ago, I finally had the chance to meet Klara Fuchs at the launch of her first book, which is called “Powerful mind”. While talking to her she offered me the amazing opportunity to interview her.


Only dead fish go with the flow

Do you take full responsibility for your own life or do you walk someone else’s path? Do you go after your dreams or do you just follow the crowd like a tiny fish? This blog post is about the necessity of taking full responsibility.


The benefits of owning less

This is a blog post about my introduction to minimalism and why I live a more minimal life since then. For me it benefits many areas of my life, like my mental health.To find out more check out this post.


The power of why

As Simon Sinek already said: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it and if you talk about what you believe, you’ll attract those who believe what you believe and who have the same values as you do.“ This blog post will be about the power of knowing your why.

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