Hello there!
My name is Verena Waldschütz and I am from Austria which is a small country in the middle of Europe. After my Junior years at High School I went to a business school and currently I am studying at university Social Work.

I first came in touch with personal development and motivational training when I was 14. Back then I faced everyday life struggles, such as being unmotivated and insecure. So, I wanted to teach myself how to overcome these small difficulties of life. Over time I read about techniques from motivational trainers as Brendon Burchard, Jay Shetty, Rachel Hollis, Mel Robbins and Lewis Howes which I tried to apply in my own life.

Through the years my passion for self developement grew. Today my intention is to motivate and inspire people to live a life which fires them up and makes them happy.

At the beginning of 2018 I have created a WhatsApp group in which I motivate and inspire already more than 35 people. The main language of this group is German, but about half a year later I created an Instragram Account for all my Englisch-speaking friends. Furthermore, I regularly write blog posts for an Austrian blog. At the beginning of 2019 I set up my own Blog “The Shining Self” which you are currently visiting.

My mission is to spread positivity and joy, inspire people to dream big again and make them come true, because I truly believe that anything is possible.