About me!

My name is Verena Waldschütz and I am from Austria which is a small country in Europe, but despite my nationality I really love Australia.
After my Junior years at High School I went to a business school and currently I am studying at university.

Hi! That´s me!

I first came in touch with personal development and motivational training when I was 14.
Back then I faced everyday life struggles, such as being unmotivated, and I wanted to teach myself to overcome these small difficulties of life. Over time I read about techniques which I tried to apply in my own life.
A few years later, having become passionate about personal development and motivational training, I decided to pursue it as a profession. My aim is to motivate and inspire people to live a life which fires them up and makes them happy.

Since 2018 I have a WhatsApp group in which I motivate and inspire already more than 50 people. The main language of this group is German, but about half a year later I created an Instragram Account for all my Englisch-speaking friends. Furthermore, I write blog posts for an Austrian Blog and beginning of 2019 I set up my own Blog “The Shining Self”