Hi and welcome!

I am deeply passionate about making a positive impact in the world and the lives of other people. My mission is to spread positivity. On my journey I inspire people to do the same. I believe it doesn’t take much to make this planet a better place. I know life can be amazing, and we have the power to make our life the best version it can be. Live a life filled with joy, meaning, strength and all our loved ones. My goal is to see the people around me smile more often and create their own meaningful life.

Through my content about personal development I encourage others to become their best selves, and enable them to make their dreams come true.

The way I add value is through writing posts on my blog, which you are currently visiting. The topics range from personal development, dreams, goals to other fun topics. In addition to writing blog entries, I post little inspiring messages on Instagram or in the WhatsApp group of The Shining Self weekly.

Besides expressing myself verbally, I paint amazing colourful pictures, create my own postcards and give people the opportunity to make new and fun memories.

What do I do:

  • I write about personal development
  • I love to paint and add value to the lives of other people with my paintings
  • I write about minimalism which I am deeply passionate about
  • I write about plants since I am in love with them and have a lot of them at home.
  • I have created my own postcards
  • I write about sustainability because I want to have a positive impact on our environment

Thank you for visiting my blog!